12.05.2021 Sorting of material for Madagascar

We sorted the material stored in the warehouse for shipment to Madagascar. This sorting was done on Saturday April 24, 2021.

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22.12.2018 Father Stefano on the Swiss radio

To learn more about the broadcast and listen to it in full click here.

18.12.2018 Wishing You a Merry Christmas

We are very happy to show you the progress made in the Ambanja regional hospital. We are thankful to all our donators for their generosity and kindness and wish you all a very Merry Christmas

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27.06.2018 Capturing the evening of the 16th of June

Here are some pictures of the evening of the 16th of June.

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22.06.2018 A Memorable Weekend

Saturday 16th was an exceptional day for Children First. We hosted our first anniversary fundraising event! It was a wonderful evening hosted at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. We were blessed with fine weather and some exceptional guests such as Mr and Mrs Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, Mr and Mrs Michael Evans, President of Alibaba Group, Mr and Mrs Michael Payne, the Emir of Pathiers and Le Comte Guillaume de Toulouse Lautrec to name a few. The evening started with a fabulous recital by the world-renowned pianist M Kotaro Fukuma, followed by a lovely dinner. Stefano was able to tell his story. He focused on what we achieved in our first year and what we want to rebuild this coming year, notably the maternity ward in Ambanja.

Our 250 honorable guests committed to donate up to approximately CHF 120'000 which completely blew us away. It was highly unexpected and surprised us all, especially Stefano who was over the moon as it permits us to get cracking with the project immediately. We are more than thankful and very touched by all who contributed. Thank you so very much.

This is only the beginning of an incredible journey.

Pictures coming up soon!!

See post of April 23rd for more info

13.05.2018 The famous Boas

In this family there is a particularly special pet and not only one. They come and go as the rainy seasons do and are very useful to this house because of the many mice and rates that roam day and night.

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13.05.2018 Chocolate and Ice Cream!

Today we are preparing the kids favourite! Eaten at every afternoon snack in a piece of baguette the home made chocolate paste is a delicious and rich source of energy for the kids.

Some of the chocolate paste is also mixed with milk and sugar and made into an ultimate international favourite dessert, ICE CREAM.

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11.05.2018 The container is filled with goodies

Here are pictures of the container currently in the courtyard of "La Maison Des Enfants"

The material will be installed by the end of the month.

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11.05.2018 A beautiful day at the beach!

Here are some pictures of the kids at the beach.

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23.04.2018 Upcoming fundraising Event

On the 16th of June we are hosting our first fundraising event for Children First at the Olympique Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. We will be welcoming the internationally-renowned pianist Kotaro Fukuma to perform at the event. The recital will be followed by a dinner at the ‘Club Courbetin’.

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17.04.2018 The container has safely arrived in Diego Suarez

Thanks to our dear Swiss partners and 'Clinique La Source' a full container of medical equipment has safely arrived in the port of Diego Suarez. The container left the Switzerland in February and has arrived this morning in Madagascar. With this equipment and the support of Clinique La Source we will now be able to restore a considerable section of the already existing hospital. Furthermore, Children First has fully funded an extension to the hospital. The construction of the new pavilion will be completed end of April.

29.03.2018 Children christmas dance

A few of the children gather to watch the triplets and a few other girls perform their Christmas Eve show dance at 'La Maison des Enfants'.

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