Make a Difference

We support REAL people

Children First is a Swiss Foundation established in April 2017. Our goal is to help people who are making a difference, in the fight to support destitute and poor kids. We are a team of committed Swiss citizens who want to make a difference too and with you by our side, we surely will.

Our initial focus has been to support the projects of Dr. Stefano Scaringella, a Capucine priest who started working in Africa as a missionary surgeon in the early 1980s. Stefano has performed 25,000+ operations in the region, and in 1984 he established a highly successful regional charity hospital in Ambanja, northern Madagascar which serves 11’000 patients per annum and performs 3’000 operations.

Stefano also founded “La Maison des Enfants”, a home for orphaned or destitute kids. He now has two homes that support some 130 kids from 0 to 14 in Ambanja and from 14 till the kids’ independence in Antananarivo, the capital, where schools and opportunities are better.